Highline Housing

About the Highline

Highline is a collection of eight affordable cottage units in the new master planned community of Garibaldi Springs in Squamish. The Highline housing units are a unique partnership between BC Housing, the District of Squamish, and Housing Squamish. The units are owned by BC Housing and managed and operated by Housing Squamish. Highline units are anticipated to be move-in ready November 1, 2024. The rental rates and eligibility are set by the District of Squamish through a Housing Agreement with BC Housing. These homes are for families requiring 2 or 3-bedroom units.

Location of Highline

 Highline housing is located at 2050, 2052, 2054 Highline Mews, and 41225 Garibaldi Springs Way at Garibaldi Springs master-planned community.

Highline Eligibility Criteria Are you Eligible?

  • All applicants must be employed and working in Squamish

    Applicants must:

    • Be employed or self-employed and working in the District of Squamish on a continuous basis for a minimum of 20 hours per week on average annually; or
    • Operate a business in the District of Squamish for a minimum of 20 hours per week on average annually, where the applicant’s presence at the place of business is necessary for the day-to-day operation of the business.
    • If self-employed, applicant’s business must derive more than 75% of its business income from District of Squamish residents or businesses.

    Exceptions are made for applicants who are:

    • A retiree from work who has ceased active employment who would have met the eligibility criteria for five of the six years prior; or
    • Unable to work due to disability and have lived or worked in the District of Squamish previously.
  • Total (before-tax) household income must be below BC Housing’s threshold for Low to Moderate Income households

    For 2024, the maximum allowable (before-tax) household income at move-in is $134,140 annually. This includes income from all household members and all sources of employment or other income (ex. disability assistance). This threshold is set by BC Housing for “Low to Moderate Income” households for two or more bedrooms.

  • Applicants must not own real estate or assets more than $250,000

    Applicants, including spouses and common law partners must not own personally, jointly, or indirectly through business assets any residential real estate.

    Neither an applicant nor their spouse nor common law partner may possess over $250,000 in savings or investment assets.

    This includes:

    • Stocks, bonds, term deposits, mutual funds, or cash,
    • Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA),
    • Real estate equity, net of debt,
    • Business equity in a private incorporated company, including GICs,
      cash, stocks, bonds or real estate equity.

    This does not include:

    • Personal items such as vehicles, jewelry and furniture,
    • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), Registered
      Retirement Saving Plans (RRSPs), Registered Disability Savings
      Plans (RDSPs),
    • Trade or business tools essential to continue currently active
    • Assets derived from compensatory packages from government,
    • Private registered pension plans.

    Exceptions to the above may be made where a household possesses assets but demonstrates significant housing need. Highline housing requirements are defined by the District of Squamish’s Housing Agreement and the Housing Squamish Tenant Selection Policy.

Monthly Rent Rates and Property Information

2 bed + 1 bath = $1,870 per month
3 bed + 1 bath = $2,590 per month

  • This is a non-smoking property.
  • Half month damage deposit required.
  • Pets allowed (max one dog or one cat) with half month pet deposit.
  • One parking space included in rent.
  • In-suite laundry included.
  • Hydro, cable/internet, telephone not included in rent.
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Information you will need to provide for your application:

  • Your name and the names of additional occupants
  • Your email and phone number
  • Your current address
  • Unit type preference (2 bedroom or 3 bedroom)
  • Do you need more than one parking stall?
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Your confirmation that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Your gross household income range
  • Your employment status
  • Brief description of your need for housing with Housing Squamish
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  • Why is there a requirement for 20 hours a week of working in Squamish?

    The eligibility requirement to be working 20 hours a week in Squamish is set by the District Municipality of Squamish’s Perpetually Affordable Housing (PAH) Policy. The intent of PAH housing is to meet the housing needs of low-to-moderate income households in the community. Exemptions will be made for Squamish residents who are retired and have previously worked and lived in Squamish or are unable to work due to disability. 

  • Why are families being prioritized?

    One of the greatest housing needs identified in the District Municipality of Squamish 2023 Housing Needs Report is below market, 2 and 3-bedroom units suitable for families or households with dependents. These units are intended to serve this need.

  • How are rental rates set? How much will rental rates increase year-over-year?

    The rental rates are set by the District Municipality of Squamish Perpetually Affordable Housing (PAH) policy. Rental rates are set at 35% below market rents at the time of occupancy. Market rents are based on a 12-month average using data from a monthly survey of online listings.  Rents for tenants will increase yearly no more than the annual allowable rent increase as determined by the Residential Tenancy Act. Rents for new move-ins will be adjusted with inflation and advertised on the website

  • What does it mean to be selected from the lottery?

    Being selected in the lottery does not guarantee that an applicant will receive a housing offer.  If selected, the applicant will be asked to provide the required documentation demonstrating eligibility. Housing Squamish staff will verify income, employment and assets as per the eligibility criteria. If the applicant is determined to be eligible, they will then be provided a written housing offer by email as well as a viewing of the suite. Housing Squamish anticipates there will be more applicants than there are units to fill. Conducting a lottery facilitates a fair and equitable opportunity for all applicants.

  • If I am not selected as part of the lottery, can I be put on a waitlist?

    Housing Squamish is not maintaining a waitlist at this time. If an applicant is unsuccessful they should register their interest in housing on the Housing Squamish website. Those who have registered interest in housing will be notified of any upcoming intakes as future vacancies arise.

  • Is rent determined based on income? (I.e.: if I make less than the max, will the rent be less than what is posted?)

    No, rent is not based on income. All units are set rental rates.  

  • Does Housing Squamish own the cottages/units?

    The units are owned by BC Housing and operated by Housing Squamish.

  • Is there property management onsite?

    There is no onsite property management. Property Management is provided by a third-party company that will service the units as needs arise.

  • What parking is available per unit? Can I get more than one parking spot?

    There is one parking spot included with each unit. There are a limited number of additional parking spaces available for $75 per month. If you are interested in securing an additional parking space, please indicate so on your application. Additional parking spaces will be offered in the order of the lottery. Housing Squamish cannot guarantee an additional parking space.  Some additional street parking is available on Highline Drive.

  • How large are the units?

    2-bedroom units are approximately 600 sq.ft. and 3-bedroom units are approximately 900 sq.ft.

  • Is there onsite storage? Do rental units come with storage units? Where can I keep my bicycle?

    There is no onsite storage and rental units do not come with storage units. There is no external bike storage. Bicycles must be kept inside the units.

  • Why is there a limit on pets? I have one dog and one cat, can I apply?

    These units are governed by the society’s pet policy, which allows one dog or one cat. 

  • When should I plan on giving notice to my current landlord if I am selected to move in?

    Applicants should not give notice to their current landlord until they have a signed residential tenancy agreement in place with Housing Squamish.

  • What are the closest transit options to downtown?

    The closest bus stop is 1.0km away on bus route 4 in the 41100 Block of Tantalus Road.  Route 4 takes riders directly to downtown Squamish.

  • What happens if I lose my job or take a job in Whistler or Vancouver? Will I be evicted?

    The employment criteria must be met for the duration of the tenancy. Housing Squamish will be conducting annual employment verification to ensure tenants are meeting the minimum 20 hours per week. If a tenant is no longer able to meet the employment criteria, Housing Squamish will give 6 months notice to find new employment and prove eligibility. If a tenant cannot prove they meet the employment criteria, Housing Squamish may serve a notice to end tenancy.

  • What happens if my salary increases? Will I be evicted?

    Tenants are only required to meet the income requirements at move-in. Annual income testing will is not required and you will not be evicted.

  • Why wasn’t more notice given for the move in date? I can’t make October or November work.

    The Highline units are brand new units and Housing Squamish wants to fill the units as soon as possible. Due to the significant need for housing in our community, housing Squamish will be making housing offers to applicants available to move in when the units are ready.

  • How can I ensure that the personal information in my application and supporting documents will be kept secure and confidential?

    The privacy, confidentiality and security of your personal information are of utmost importance to us. As a not-for-profit society, Housing Squamish is subject to British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act and the Residential Tenancy Act. This legislation governs the collection, use, disclosure, storage and retention of personal information. Only Housing Squamish employees and third parties, whose duties reasonably so require, are granted access to personal information about individuals. Housing Squamish is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and personal privacy of all applicants in a manner that complies with the Act.

  • What is the timeline for application review and expected move-in?

    Application Period opens: August 6, 2024

    Application Period closes: August 31, 2024 midnight

    Lottery, review of applications and eligibility, housing offers: September 1-30, 2024

    Expected move-in date: November 1 with the possibility of earlier

    These dates may be adjusted depending on number of applicants and timing of housing offers.


If you have any questions about Highline or the application process, please contact: highline@housingsquamish.ca