The weekly Nordic/Snowshoe program runs on Thursdays from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm out of Cross Country Connection at Lost Lake. This program is open to beginner and intermediate snowshoers and nordic skiers of all ages. The program is designed to introduce cross country skiing or snowshoeing to new participants and improve the skills of those already skiing or snowshoeing. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to be a buddy for a student taking cross country skiing lessons out of Cross Country Connection or Whistler Olympic Park. Every winter Whistler Adaptive hosts a Soldier On camp which includes cross country skiing out of Whistler Olympic Park, for which we need many Nordic/Snowshoe volunteers. Even if you do not have much cross country skiing or snowshoeing experience we would be happy to have you do the training so you can volunteer!


Physical Requirements of the Role:


Conditional Requirements Based on Population: