What you told us about housing in Squamish

In the fall of 2023, Housing Squamish conducted a community survey on housing with Squamish residents. More than 600 people made their voices heard about barriers to finding housing and ideas for improving access to secure, stable, and inclusive housing in our community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in a community dialogue about housing.
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We heard that the largest barriers to accessing housing in Squamish are related to the cost of buying or renting a home and to the lack of housing affordable to incomes, especially in the rental market. These and other barriers are felt most acutely among those who are currently looking for housing, renters, low and moderate-income earners, those under the age of 40 and over the age of 60, women, Indigenous Peoples, and those living with a disability.

We also heard that the cost of available rentals and ownership options are the barriers experienced most often by present and past house hunters, with interest rates and the lack of available rentals at any price also identified as significant barriers.

Many respondents offered ideas on how to improve access to secure, stable, and inclusive housing in Squamish.